19 Апреля 2015, 23:00

KupiVIP becomes partner for eBay Enterprise omnichannel solutions in Russian eCommerce Market

Russian outsourced eCommerce provider to utilise eBay Enterprise omnichannel solutions suite to offer retailers local omnichannel capabilities

Investment in Omnichannel technologies represents one of the biggest retail trends for global retailers and brands in 2014.

The online retail environment has a relatively short history in comparison to its brick-and-mortar predecessor.

The growth in omnichannel fulfilment currently being experienced by shoppers and retailers alike is driving some of the biggest disruptions the sector has ever experienced. For retailers, omnichannel fulfilment represents a significant opportunity to drive business efficiencies and competitive advantage. Connecting previously siloed stock inventories across all channels positively impacts sales, operating margins, and shipping costs.

eBay Enterprise is the global leader in omnichannel solutions, enabling store-based fulfilment in more than 6,500 stores for 42 brands, across 3 continents - with over billion in store fulfilment sales supported in the last year.

Research across eBay Enterprise's clients participating in the ship-from-store fulfilment program saw on average a 20% increase in online sales driven as a result of increased stock availability online.

Connecting stock across all available distribution points increases product availability, allowing retailers to reduce out-of-stocks and missed sales opportunities previously created through siloed stock inventories.International expansion and Omnichannel fulfilment programs are vital to leading global retailers and brands.

Ship-from-Store is a popular tool amongst retailers in the US, and growing in popularity in geographically large countries including China, as a means to provide customers with improvements in delivery speed by utilising local stores to reduce the last mile delivery distance.

On a European level, Ship-from-Store not only drives improvements in delivery speed but also facilitates significant reductions in delivery costs across both large geographical territories such as Russia, and also on a cross-border scale.


Vice President Enterprise Services & International at eBay Enterprise

Omnichannel investment is one of the key business imperatives for retailers today.

Connected shoppers expect fast and highly-convenient commerce as standard. Products need to be available whenever and wherever they want them, or they'll just go elsewhere.

Not all markets are alike, retailers need a solution that caters to both their overall business goals but also local nuances and individual market needs.

Utilised by leading retailers in 15 countries today, the eBay Enterprise omnichannel solution is delivering tangible business benefits and the flexibility that each market demands


Miroslav Zubachevsky, managing director of KupiVIP E-Commerce Services

Offering a globally proven omnichannel fulfilment solutions allows us offer retailers and brands looking to the burgeoning Russian ecommerce market a highly efficient alternative fulfilment model.

The Russian market for many retailers and brands represents a huge opportunity, but also a set of distinct challenges that determine success.

Combining KupiVIP's established infrastructure, delivery network, and local expertise with a globally recognised omnichannel technology allows us to provide retailers and brands with a solution that provides both tangible business benefits and also caters to the unique demands of the Russian market and consumer.



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